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  • 2020 Field Corn Seed Test Results and Customer-Reported Corn Yields Are In!


  • Our Prairie Hybrids field corn can be financed through John Deere Financial.


Prairie Hybrids

Prairie Hybrids is a family owned, hybrid corn seed company, specializing in non-GMO and organic field corn seed.

Prairie Hybrids was started by our grandfather, H.W. Hostetler in 1970. Two generations later, we are fortunate to carry on the family business. We believe non-GMO corn seed is a healthier choice for us and our families. Therefore, our goal is to provide field corn seed that enables our farmers to grow a crop that is environmentally healthy for the soil, animals, and humans everywhere. Today, our variety of products are available for sale throughout the country, with a sales focus area in the upper Midwest including northern Illinois, northeast Missouri, northwest Missouri, eastern Nebraska, Iowa, southern Minnesota, on southern Wisconsin.


  • We have access to more genetic diversity since we are not tied to trait providers
  • We provide a proprietary research program
  • We develop and select the best genetics from across the corn belt
  • We offer products that equate to a corn yield advantage
  • We work hard to ensure your profitability increases
  • We do not touch or produce GMO seed in our fields or facilities


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September 22, 2021

Amazing 2021 Yield Results in Difficult Growing Conditions

A farm in Walnut, Illinois has been enjoying productive yields, considering some less-than-ideal field conditions. Wet holes and sandhills have been major concerns for the farm, but working with Prairie Hybrids Non-GMO Seed Corn (Hybrid 6878) has beaten the odds. The yield monitor was going over 300 in some areas, 319 in other areas, with

September 22, 2021

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