The plot on Rt 40 was not a simple plot to harvest end-to-end since there were several variables involved that needed review. Regardless, Prairie Hybrids did very well overall.

1. Part of the plot was sprayed with a fungicide and part was not, because the airplane split the field in 1/2 in the wrong direction. Both Prairie Hybrids were in the sprayed portion. We have separated the two plots into “sprayed” and “unsprayed” on the document.

2. There was a noticeable soil type change in the unsprayed part that we didn’t know existed. Fortunately, Golden Harvest’s best two hybrids were in the unsprayed portion and both were affected by the poorer soil type.

3. 50gal of 32% was applied 2x2x2 with the planter with intentions of this being the full nitrogen program for the plot. However, we ended up needing to fly urea on the rest of the field, so the plot had to be included. The plot got an extra 75 units of nitrogen, which would lend itself to favor the higher nitrogen user hybrids.

Of the remaining hybrids that we felt were compared fairly, we’re claiming 8759 as the winner of this plot.

“Prairie Hybrids has the yield lead on all other competitors, I have checked many other hybrids — we are experiencing an abundant yield with Prairie Hybrids.” — Prairie Hybrids Customer